Monday, November 10, 2008


I was taken aback by today's SUNYAC news release for their ice hockey players of the week. Mike Gershon didn't make the list. The winner was Joel Sheppard of Buffalo State.

I have to question the logic behind the pick.

Yes, Sheppard like Gershon scored a hat trick. But, Sheppard is a forward. Forwards get hat tricks all the time. When is the last time you saw a defensemen get one? Brockport has never had one reach that pinnacle. I will guess that the SUNYAC has seen very few defenders accomplish that.

Sheppard got his 3 goals against Cortland. Gershon got his against Geneseo, a far better team than Cortland. Cortland has allowed 35 games in 7 games....not good! Geneseo has allowed 17 goals in 7 games...and Mike got three of them!

This to me is the anti-Brockport bias that permeates the SUNYAC. As I mentioned in the season preview....the team is a lot better than given credit for. And, they're off to a 3-1-0 start. When will they be taken seriously?