Monday, October 13, 2008


Otto Isenberg is a sophomore at Brockport and a huge fan of the Golden Eagles hockey team. He attended Colgate University's opening game on Saturday and everyone there received a flier that called "A Guide To Being a Hockey Fan At Colgate University". Otto would like to see something like that flier distributed at Brockport. I agree. Sometimes the fans don't know when to cheer or how to behave.

Here's what the Colgate handout said, courtesy of Otto (I've plugged in "Brockport" where it said "Colgate")...

1) Stand up behind the bench

2) Shout! If it is quiet for a moment shout a little encouragement. Try to keep up some noise at all times.

3) Cheer. Join in cheers or start your own

4) Dont let them hear during time out. For all time outs fans should stand up and cheer for the entire time out. If enough people get into it, it should work like football fans on defenses. It disrupts the timeout and makes it harder for the coach to get his point across.

5) Some traditional cheers: "Brockport returns to full strength" is followed by "and (insert school name) still sucks". If the other team returns to full strength follow it with "they still suck"

6) Follow pep band's lead (obviously we dont have a pep band for that one)

7) Taunting is unsportsmanlike but is still part of the game. Refrain from cursing since there are children and families at the game. Refs, players, coaches and goalies are all fair game for this.

8) Taunt the goalie. "Its all your fault" after a goal. "Goalie.....sieve" pointing from the Brockport goalie to the opponent.

9) ALWAYS stand and applaud when an injured player for either team gets up and leaves the ice. Its respect.

10) Get loud at the end of the game to keep the boys motivated.

11) Win or lose stay till the end, show your support for the team

12) Bring signs

13) Cheer for the zamboni guy, they need some lovin too

14) Stand quietly for the anthems

15) Stand and cheer for Brockport, boo the opponents, when they return to the ice before the start of the period

16) Wear your school colors to the game proudly