Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Through the 43 years of Brockport hockey, hundreds of players have graced the team with their presence. They’ve given their teammates, their fans, and the entire Brockport community countless memories.

Many people -- myslef included -- wonder just what became of their favorite player, classmates or teammates. I am hoping to satisfy their concerns with a new installment to this blog called “Where Are They Now?”

Every month I will interview a former Brockport player or coach to see what they’ve done since – and remember most about - their days at Brockport. These men have gone on to do great things like raising families, holding careers and affecting their communities. We need to hear their stories.

Our very first such interview is with David Castine.

David played for the Eagles from 1988 through 1990 and made the team as a winger, although he tried out as a defenseman. David played wing his first year and then transitioned back to defense where he was much more comfortable.

He graduated in 1991 with a degree in Criminal Justice and currently works for CVS Pharmacy as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager. He moved to Orlando, FL after graduation and has been down there since. Castine currently lives in Deltona, FL which is about the half way point between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Here's the interview......

BOB: Tell us about your favorite memories of playing hockey at Brockport...

Just being part of the team at that time was a great experience. I enjoyed every moment. I guess the one that sticks out the most though is when Coach Bob Pederson called me in my dorm to tell me that I made the team and to show up for practice the next day. I was a “walk-on” at try-outs, so it was pretty exciting to get the call.

BOB: You grew up around Plattsburgh, one of Brockport's biggest rivals and always one of the toughest teams in DIII. What was it like to take on your hometown team?

I grew up just North of Plattsburgh and the Cardinals were the biggest thing going. When I went there to play them the first time, it was exciting. They have such a big crowd at every game, and I knew how the fans do not like the competition.

Needless to say, I was pretty pumped up, I had a lot of friends and family there to watch. Although we went down in defeat, it was great to play there at that level. I had played at the Arena many times in youth hockey, but nothing compared at that moment.

BOB: How did the Brockport college experience impact your life?

I have a lot of great memories of Brockport and would like to go back and visit some day. I learned a lot and helped me establish a great career. I cannot say enough good things. No complaints, regrets or anything, just a great experience.

BOB: What have you been doing in the years since graduating from Brockport? (career, family, hockey, etc)

I am currently the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS Pharmacy here in Orlando. It is a great company and I enjoy working here. I met my wife Christie down here in FL. She is a true Florida native and we have been married for almost 12 years. I have two Children, Shayne 10 and Jocelyn 4.

We are still active with hockey down here. The sport has picked up a lot of momentum since the Lightning and Panthers have come to the state. I still play a couple of times a week and also help coach my sons youth hockey team, The Orlando Stars. Shayne is starting his first year of Travel Pee Wee hockey and he is looking forward to hit. Mom has a little anxiety about the checking though. Jocelyn far has been playing soccer to this point, but I have had her out on the ice and she says she wants to start playing this fall. We are all for it. Other than that, we like to spend our time outdoors at the beach.

David in his Brockport days

David now

David and his son Shayne